Utilizing a Greenhouse for Stargazing

adaGreenhouses are typically thought of as structures solely for growing plants. However, thinking of a greenhouse in the simplest of terms, a glass structure, will open the door to the limitless possibilities greenhouses have to offer. Gardening is a popular use for greenhouses, since they create the ideal living environment for plants; however, their ample lighting makes them perfect for rehab facilities, and their abundance of windows allows users to enjoy the great outdoors without having to physically be outside. For this reason, greenhouses are the perfect structure to use for nightly stargazing with family, friends, or a significant other. Stargazing greenhouses are great for homes, but they are also a wonderful addition to children’s camps and retirement homes. What was once a summer time activity can be enjoyed at any time of year by using a greenhouse for stargazing.

The physical location of the greenhouse is important, and planning it in an open area with little to no tree coverage will be the most ideal positioning for a clear view of the stars at night. A freestanding greenhouse will provide a panoramic view of the nighttime sky, however, lean-to greenhouses are the perfect alternative for users who do not have the space for an entire standalone structure. Designing the roof with curved eaves in a dome shape will resemble a planetarium and create a truly unique stargazing experience for users of all ages.

Greenhouse specifics, such as glazing, window configurations, and accessories are important when designing any greenhouse, but they will need to be considered slightly different when the structure will also be used for stargazing. Glazing, at least for the roof, should be glass, in order to provide the clearest view of the sky. Instead of simple ridge vents on the ceiling, consider incorporating a retractable panel system, which can be opened to provide a completely unobstructed view of the stars. The skylight can be connected to a greenhouse control system, which will allow users to open and close the roof using an on/off switch. Incorporating larger trees and vegetation will allow users to feel like stargazing in the great outdoors, and the control system can be connected to all other greenhouse accessories to assist with creating the ideal environment for the plants. Stargazing is a popular summertime hobby for people of all ages, and with a little creative greenhouse designing, it can be enjoyed year round in a comfortable environment.